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Top 30+ Google Alternatives – Best Search Engine List of 2020


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  1. These days google search is too crowded with too many website’s already, and it’s seems a good idea to not only focus on google to attract more traffic. Very helpful! Good Job!

  2. I think Gibiru is kind of outdated and clunky. There are quite a few other options out there that provide some unique and up-to-date search results and features.
    Qwant, Search Encrypt and Searx come to mind for me.

  3. Consider also adding Petey Vid, a privacy-focused Video search engine for mainly non-YouTube content. -It’s also multi-lingual.

  4. Give a go! It’s a charitable search engine that donates 95% of its profits to charity. Great search results too – much like Google. Unlike Google, it doesn’t bombard you with ads and track you across the internet!

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