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How to Publish Content on Apple News App and Monetize Your Blog


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  1. Hey,

    Your article really helped me get by apple news, but i am struggling at step 6 “To join Apple developer program” in order to join it it requires a valid company else you can register as sole proprietor which requires 99$ to get your application approved… is there anyway to get approved without paying?

    i am really baffled idk how to proceed with apple developer program please do help me with this it will be really appreciated.

    Q2: suppose i pay 99$ for my apple developer application and got approved but before that i want to find out whether they support monetization in my country (Pakistan) or not.

    Q3: is it worth investing 99$? is the revenue appealing?

    • Hey Izaan,

      (1) You have to pay the required fee to join the program.
      (2) As per my understanding, they do support monetization in most developing countries.
      (3) Well, investing $99 to join the developer program is totally worth it if you are a good developer and able to make high-quality iOS apps to target western users. iOS App Store is quite different from Play Store in order to get the approval for your app, as they strictly follow the guidelines.

      However, One should also explore the SaaS (Software as a service) opportunities with an app instead of advertising dependencies.

  2. Before that, you need to submit your application to the Apple news publisher. Once they approve you as a publisher, after that you can start publishing.

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